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 Summary of Qualifications 1991-current · Orlando, Florida
Software Architect

  • Experience in program analysis, design and development at application and architectural levels; using z/OS, COBOL, DB2, CICS, MVS, TSO, EDI and FTP, Rexx, and other tools.
  • Experience in architectural-level development both of application systems and of development-tool and architectural shared services
  • Experience in purchasing/requisitioning and financial management management system development
  • Experience in human resources/payroll system analysis and development
1980-1991 · Lincoln Nebraska
Systems Manager/Communications Analyst/Installer

  • Supervised installation and maintained wiring for 400+ terminal data system
  • Supervised installation and maintained wiring for 400+ station digital phone system
  • System manager of two HP/3000 systems running HPE; responsible for system-level configuration of those systems

 Education 1980, Union College · Lincoln, Nebraska
Associate Degree Computer Science

 Professional Experience 1991-current · Orlando, Florida
Software Architect

  • Positions Held:
    2004-current Software Architect
    2004 (5 months) z/OS System Programmer
    1998-2004 Human Resources and Payroll Programmer/Analyst
    1991-1998 Purchasing / Requisitioning Programmer/Analyst
  • Primary experience required: Analysis (program and application level); COBOL language; DB2 Relational Database System (including database administration); CICS Application Environment; MVS Operating System; MVS JCL (Job Control Language) and all principle utilities; TSO time sharing environment; ISPF development facility; Panvalet source management system.
  • Miscellaneous expertise: SunCare Architecture (proprietary); Electronic Data Interchange; Rexx scripting language; Materials Acquisition and Management and Human Resources applications (proprietary); C++ and Microsoft Frameworks (6 months circa 1995)
  • Participated in design of new common architecture system
  • Participated in design and implementation of Bed Management system
  • Participated in design for EDI Insurance Payer system
  • Redesigned significant online submission to batch architecture
  • Numerous extensions of proprietary SunCare architecture
  • Participated in development of extensive Electronic Data Interchange Purchasing system
  • Participated in initial and ongoing development of entire Materials Acquisition and Managment subsystem
  • Executed Disaster Recovery preparation and testing for new Human Resources system
  • Participated in successful development of Y2K replacement for Human Resources system
  • Extensive Human Resources and Payroll experience
  1980-1991 · Lincoln, Nebraska
Systems Manager / Communications Analyst and Installer

  • System Manager of two HP/3000 systems, including system security and resource managment
  • System level configuration of two HP/3000 systems
  • Developed software tracking system for communications wiring (COBOL)
  • Numerous application and system level programs in proprietary HP/3000 SPL language or HP/3000 BASIC language.
  • Technical analyst and maintainer for installation of wiring for 400+ terminals for academic computer access system
  • Technical analyst and maintainer for wiring upgrade to 400+ station phone system
  • Installed and maintained CATV cabling for videotext system
  • Developed payroll computation module and report writer for small organization ERP system (Microsoft Pascal)

 Technology Summary Web Technologies
  • HTML (version 4)
  • CSS (version 2.1)
  • MediaWiki
  • PHP (limited)
  Database Products
  • IBM DB2 (z/OS)
  • MYSQL (limited)
  • Microsoft Access 97 (proficiency in database design, query, form and report development; limited VBA development)
  • Image (Hewlett Packard)
  Transaction Processing
  • IBM Transaction Server (CICS) on z/OS
  Development Languages
  • COBOL (MVS and HP/3000)
  • Rexx (IBM)
  • SPL (HP/3000 proprietary language)
  • BASIC (HP/3000, MS-DOS QBASIC, Extra VBA, Microsoft Word VBA - limited)
  • Java at introductory level
  • MS-DOS Batch Language
  • Assembler language (CDC 6400 Compass, HP/3000, basic IBM ESA/9000)
  • Pascal (HP/3000 - two varieties; Turbo Pascal)
  • FORTRAN (HP/3000, CDC 6400)
  • C++ (Microsoft, including Microsoft Frameworks - 6 months in 1995)
  • C (Borland - limited)
  • Smalltalk (DigiKey - limited)
  • RPG (limited)
  • PL/1 (training course only)
  Application Proficiencies
  • Microsoft Outlook 2007
  • Microsoft Excel 2007
  • Microsoft Explorer
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 2007
  • Microsoft Word 2007
  • Microsoft PowerPoint 2007
  • Microsoft Visio Professional (including stencil design)
  • GIMP graphics editor
  • FTP (text mode, WS FTP Pro, FileZilla)
  Repositories/Configuration Management
  • IBM SCLM (z/OS - developer level)
  • CVS (developer level)